Vimec Valves are manufactured in Italy at a modern facility in Cividate Al Piano, near Bergamo. Our experienced and qualified staff are able to design, manufacture, assemble and test valves to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements

We are now strategically placed our production site at global hub of oil and gas valve manufacturing, where a dense network of valve components suppliers are located in.

The main products include Double Block and Bleed Ball, Floating & Trunnion Ball, Manifolds, Mono Flanges, Needle Valves, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly Valve and Accessories.

The highest quality and variety of materials used such as Carbon Steels, Low Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel and other exotic special alloy steel can satisfy all the requirements of the Chemical, Petrochemical and Power Plants, Oil and Gas, Off-Shore & On-Shore, Refining, Ship Building, Water Treatment & Energy Generation.

    Our facilities and capabilities include:
  • State-of-the art ERP manufacturing business system
  • Proven, experienced components supply chain
  • 2D and 3D CAD Design
  • Mill Reports with full material traceability
  • NDE – including UT, Radiograph, PMI, DPI, MPI etc.
  • Precision valve assembly
  • Pressure Testing – Hydrostatic, Pneumatic and HP Gas
  • Fugitive Emissions Testing
  • Painting as per customer specification
  • Packing & worldwide shipping