Legal Notice

Legal Notice (Trademark)

The Vimec Valves logo is a registered trademark of Vimec Group Italia Srl and may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not produced or supplied by Vimec Group Italia Srl.

We have been informed by number of our customers and distributor network that they received calls purportedly from the original Vimec Valves owners. The fake calls have been requesting people to route the enquiries and orders through them and requesting people to limit the exchange of trademark related information only via a telephone conversion and are hesitant in any form of written communication including email.

Some calls used the names of board members of Vimec Srl, who are no longer part of the new ownership and are not authorized to use trademark Vimec Valves which is registered under Italian trademark office to avoid infringement of trademark rights.

Should you receive any such calls or emails, please do not honour these requests and feel free to validate the information by contacting our team by email to or by phone +39 0363 760033.